Osteopathic Dentistry

A small subset of dentists has been trained in cranial osteopathy.  These dentists look at their patients differently.  The goal is not just to perform good dentistry, but to do it in such a way that the cranial bones (and the whole body) remain in optimal motion.

Dentistry and the rest of the body go hand in hand.  They cannot be separated.  We learn at an early age that teeth that are straight and that fit in the mouth are a good thing to have.  If you are blessed to have all of the things that go into making the teeth and the mouth work optimally, you don’t need an osteopathic dentist.  However, if you are in the majority, then your mouth is not perfect, and you likely need an evaluation from an osteopathic dentist.  This is a very different evaluation than you receive from a traditional dentist or orthodontist.

Posture and dentistry are interrelated.  The relationship of the mandible (the jaw) with the rest of the head determines the size of the airway.  If your airway is crowded (because your jaw is back further than it should be), then you are predisposed to snoring, sleep apnea, and a host of other lifelong diseases that result from poor tissue oxygenation.  Dentistry can be a key component in optimizing airway opening size.  An osteopathic dentist understands how to gently work with the forces necessary to optimize the airway while at the same time straightening the teeth and aligning the bite.

This process results in a vastly different outcome than traditional orthodontia.  By working with the forces inside the mouth gently, there is far less need for retainers or other devices that are required to “hold” the teeth in place.  By using forces that are gentler than a traditional set of braces, the body adapts without the frequency of headaches or other body aches that can be associated with traditional orthodontia. By combining cranial osteopathy with dentistry, the process of moving the teeth can not only be accelerated compared to traditional orthodontia, but it is easier on the body as well.  Although the cosmetic results in looking at the teeth are similar, with an osteopathic approach, the face is more expressive and the airway (and thus the body’s health) is far better.

We believe the osteopathic dental evaluation and treatment provides far superior results to traditional approaches and gives many health benefits that other methods cannot.

Please contact the office for an evaluation and discussion of a treatment plan for you or a family member.