The Pelvis

Charlie learned from Ed Stiles, DO, FAAO a model for understanding the mechanics of the pelvis.  Ed learned from Fred Mitchell, Sr., DO, FAAO, who was a mechanical engineer and developed this model.  Building on what was taught in school and the concepts of his mentors, Charlie has expanded on that initial concept and has built a course around pelvic mechanics and their impact on the body and it systems – when to treat, why to treat, and what to treat.  It does start with the same basics that were taught to Ed by Dr. Mitchell, but goes on to include advanced mechanics and how to apply simple concepts to free major restrictions.  This course is not just limited to physicians, and the content can be altered for nearly any group.

The pelvis significantly affects breathing and walking, as well as the movement of the bones in the head.  Thus a more thorough understanding of how the mechanics affect the body is critical to performing exceptional osteopathy.