Osteopathic Treatment has much to offer an expecting mother and her family.  Whether the mother desires to have a home birth, hospital birth, cesarean or natural delivery, osteopathic treatment during your pregnancy can make the process easier and ease, or even remove, your discomfort.

From the moment of conception until the delivery, the mother’s (and baby’s) body undergoes many changes.  Hormones shift and change, the pelvis, rib cage, and internal organs all shift their positions to accommodate the developing child, and the breasts enlarge and adapt as well.  Any or all of these natural changes to a woman’s body can cause pain, discomfort or mood swings.  Gentle osteopathic treatment during the pregnancy can help make these changes smoother and reduce or relieve the discomfort.

No matter what type of delivery you have, getting osteopathic treatment during treatment during the pregnancy, and especially as the delivery date draws near, can help the baby take the correct position in relation to the birth canal.  This means that your delivery is more likely to go to full term (which is better for the baby). Getting treatment can help the bones of the pelvis (which are more loose than normal to help deliver the baby) stay in their correct anatomical relationship (this helps the mother have less pain and can aid in a natural (vaginal) delivery.  This can mean shortened delivery times, fewer complications, healthier mothers and infants, a greater likelihood of a low-risk pregnancy and less necessity of medical intervention during your delivery. During treatment we can also help to educate mothers desiring a natural (vaginal) delivery so they can make choices with their OB or midwife that allow them to reach their goal.

Getting osteopathic treatment during pregnancy can help to limit or alleviate stretch marks (we can help the mothers body and skin adapt to the rapid changes in the baby’s growth).  It can also help with back aches, headaches, shortness of breath, poor sleep, mood swings, breast tenderness and many other pregnancy induced ailments.  We also are happy to teach the partner/spouse/ family how to treat the mother-to-be as well so that she can have immediate relief from her symptoms when necessary.

Just because your pregnancy has been called high-risk does not mean that you can’t receive benefit from osteopathic treatment as well.  Our goal is to help every woman have the delivery that she wants as much as possible.

After your delivery osteopathic treatment can help to alleviate and prevent post-partum depression and it can shorten your recovery time as well.  If you choose to breast feed, we can also teach you and your partner how to help keep your breast tissue healthy to aid in sufficient lactation and minimize mastitis or other breast ailments.

As our “welcome to the world” gift to your newborn, their initial visit is free if made within one month of birth.  It is our way of helping your baby get its best possible start in life.