Neural Prolo Therapy (NPT)

How does this treatment work?

NPT is an injection of 5% Dextrose (sugar) & pure water beneath the skin surface with a tiny needle over the commonly constricted regions of nerves.  The irritation within these surface nerves is believed to be the cause of the persistent pain.  Patients with nerve pain experience pain relief within seconds & often are shocked at how quickly their pain is gone. Immediately after the injection we will have you test your pain. The goal is to completely remove the pain with each visit using the NPT injections alone, or by combining them with osteopathic manipulation.

Dextrose works by immediately blocking the receptor in the nerve (TRPV-1 or Capsaicin receptor) which is the principal regulator of pain and inflammation.  This leads to healing beneath the nerve to deeper structures like tendons, joints and potentially even organs.  In addition to treating the nerves to promote healing, it’s important to the address underlying cause.  That part is done with osteopathic manipulation or traditional prolotherapy described above.

Treating subcutaneous nerves may make it unnecessary, at least in part, to treat deeper structures, as the source of persistent lack of healing in deeper structures and their pain appears to be directly connected to dysfunction in the subcutaneous nerves.  It may be that healing in deeper structures will take place spontaneously if the nerves above the deeper structures are returned to normalcy.

How long does each treatment provide relief for?

The relief from initial treatment lasts between 4 hours and 4 days and will not usually be permanent.  It will require repetitive treatments for long term permanent relief and tissue healing.  Generally patients return each week with fewer regions to inject and 10-15% gradual improvement weekly.

How often are treatments?

Typically injections are done once weekly or every other week.  We continue until the pain is relieved and stays gone.  That indicates that the underlying structures are healed and the nerves are no longer inflamed.