Charlie currently teaches with the Osteopathic Cranial Academy as a table trainer and lecturer for the 40-hour introductory cranial course and for the pediatric cranial course.  He also teaches alongside Bruno Chikly, MD, DO for the “Brain Parenchyma, Nuclei and Fluid” course and with Paul Dart, MD, FCA and team on the “Ophthalmologic Principles and their application to Osteopathy in the Cranial Field” course.

He has taught numerous courses for the Indiana Osteopathic Association in their 3-day annual course, their one day bi-annual precourse and their bi-annual update meetings.

He routinely visits and teaches to the osteopathic association in Ukraine. They collaborate on the teaching curriculum for the post graduate training and hold classes to teach principle based osteopathy.

Charlie has been teaching and working in New Zealand for over nine years now. When not treating patient there, he meets with the osteopaths in the Hamilton area (North Island) to exchange ideas and teach classes.  He also teaches for the International Society for Osteopathic Practice.