Other Services

Eyeglass Prescriptions

Expanding on the cranial concept, the physics principles of optics and the primary respiratory mechanism are utilized to “fine-tune” an eyeglass prescription.  The services that we offer are not a replacement for an eye exam from a qualified practitioner, but we do use the feedback from the body to give you the eyeglass prescription that will cause the least amount of physical strain possible when wearing your glasses.

Dental Evaluation and Treatment

As an extension of the cranial principles, osteopaths can evaluate your teeth and how they work in the mouth from an osteopathic perspective.  If your teeth are not coming together properly, they will cause a shift (strain) in the head when the teeth touch.  This strain can be felt by a cranial osteopath and can be a diagnostic for dental issues.  By working in conjunction with a dentist, your osteopath can assist in removing these strains and any symptoms that were caused by them, improve your bite and your health.

Postural Evaluation

Standing well requires a delicate balance of forces within the body.  Few of us do it well due to the trauma (auto accidents, slips and falls, being born, etc.) that we all experience.  Using a unique evaluation process and very tiny corrections, your osteopath can begin the correction process to improve and restore your posture into balance.  Long standing aches and pains may resolve, your gait (the way you walk) will become more efficient, and the body’s structure becomes healthier.

Bicycle Fit

Further expanding on the concepts and principles of cranial osteopathy, bicycle fit involves working with the primary respiratory mechanism and the patients bicycle and all of its movable parts to obtain a “unique-to-you” fit.  It can dramatically improve your performance and can get you back on the bike if you have been not riding due to discomfort.  It will maximize your aerobic performance and increase your anaerobic threshold.

Shoe Fit

Expanding again on the cranial concept in an off-the-shelf world, the primary respiratory mechanism is utilized to guide the fit (and thus the selection and purchase) of shoes.  This process guides the patient into why certain shoes work and the reasons (and places) others cause discomfort. The runners and walkers who have used this service have given wonderful reviews.

Other sports related fittings

If you have ANY gear for a sport, and it has any adjustable part to it, the cranial concept can be used to optimize that gear to you.  Thus far, Charlie has fitted: auto seats, golf clubs, kayaks, canoe paddles, bicycles, guns, archery bows,  shoes and more…with very favorable results.