Modifying The Foredom Percussor

FOREDOM PERCUSSOR  – Modification, Maintenance, and Repair

If you own a Foredom Percussor (commonly known as the percussion hammer) and it is in need of service or an overhaul, then this is the place to get your percussor serviced.  We can perform the following repairs:

  • shapeimage_1Lubrication of the motor shaft and hammer head.
  • Replacement of the pad and/or pad holder.
  • Replacement of the shaft and shaft housing – either with the same length or a longer length if available.
  • Replacement of the motor bushings.
  • Replacement of faulty switches or speed controls.
  • Repair and/or replacement of electrical cords.

Modification of the percussor speed control – by replacing the standard 3/4 turn speed control with a military spec 10-turn speed control, separate on/off switch and then recalibrating the minimum and maximum speed, we can give you much more precise and tight control over your percussors speed and therapeutic effectiveness. It takes the percussor to a whole new treatment level and opens new avenues for your patients healing process.