Teeth Cleanings/Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is an important part of having healthy teeth.  I whole heartedly recommend getting your teeth cleaned by a competent hygienist.  However, I do not recommend cleaners containing fluoride.  Some, but not all, of the abrasives used in cleanings contain fluoride.  If you choose not to have this used on your teeth (it is a neurotoxin and can contribute to thyroid problems – not to mention that it has never been proven to improve tooth health), just ask your dentist or hygienist to use a cleaner without fluoride.  That should include no rinses with fluoride in them.  These should be available at any dental office.

Sitting in a dental chair with your mouth open and your head tiled back can also cause symptoms after a treatment.  This is due to a shift in the relationship of the bones of the head and the neck.  It is relatively easy to resolve if addressed soon after the cleaning.  Some hygienists are incredibly gentle, while others use a bit more force when they remove plaque form the teeth.  This force can actually move or rotate the tooth in its socket and cause symptoms after a cleaning.  These can range from tooth/mouth pain to headaches and blurred vision, to name a few.  I have been blessed recently with a gentle hygienist, but have not always had them.  Sometimes I actually need an osteopathic treatment after getting a teeth cleaning.  If you are not sure if your hygienist is gentle, or it you have any issues that begin directly or shortly after your cleaning, you may need a treatment to get your teeth, head, and body back to working well.  Call the office or visit your osteopath (who should be skilled in cranial osteopathy) for an appointment.

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