With the leakage of the Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean, the entire world is being exposed to low level radiation.  It is in the water, which then evaporates and becomes clouds, then falls as rain and the cycle repeats.  It washes up on beaches…  It gets into the food supply…  Never before in recorded human history have we had experience with low level radiation.  If the event had been of a short duration, things would not be so bad, but the power plant is still spewing radioactivity into the ocean three years after it happened, and the end is not in sight.  Here in the US, our government has stopped reporting the radiation readings.  We are told it is safe now.  Truth is, there is no amount of radiation that is “safe”.  There is an amount that our body can handle in a day that will not show up as immediate symptoms, but it is a cumulative poison, totaling up over a lifetime.  If causes harm to your DNA, women’s eggs, men’s sperm, and babies and children more than adults.

So what are we to do?  Well, living in a fall out shelter is an option, though an impractical one.  The more practical ones are via relocation, nutrition, and homeopathy.  relocation involves putting as much distance as you can form the source of the radiation.  In the case of Fukushima and the prevailing ocean currents, the US Wet coast and Alaska are in the direct line of dispersement.   Don’t stay there if you can help it.  There are nutritional supplements that will bind radioactive material in the gut and body and help with elimination (like spirulina and chlorella) – but, now that the source of many of these products (the ocean) is contaminated, you must be careful of the source of your products.  Still, if you can find a good source, they can certainly help combat the effects of radiation.

Homeopathy can also help, but you have to have the correct remedy to actually help you.  Homeopathic remedies are specific to symptoms, and the wrong remedy can be worse than doing nothing at all. With the right remedy, the body can correct the effects of damaging radiation.

Please feel free to ask me during your visit about what you can do to help you stay in top health.


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