EMF –  electromagnetic frequency pollution – is what we have in our environment from the use of electricity and electronics.  To understand what this does to the body, we need to look back in history.  Up until the late 1800’s, the only EMF’s our body had to deal with were light (technically part of the electromagnetic spectrum), and infrared and ultraviolet (the opposite ends of the visual spectrum that can be produced by fire, for example), and a few stray cosmic rays.  This is what our bodies have been conditioned, over generations, to think is “normal”.  With the advent of electricity, we have introduced MANY more frequencies that our body has to deal with.  Some, like ELF (extremely low frequency) are used for submarine and cave communication. These may interfere with whale migration.  Others, like microwaves and x-rays, can definitely cause tissue damage to us, even in small doses.

The problem seems to be that our nervous system, which has been wired for generations to not have a lot of extra things going on in our surroundings, is now being bombarded with EMF frequencies never before seen on earth.  And, we continue to add them.  WiFi, cell phones, BlueTooth, HD radio,…even the infrared detectors on the automatic paper towel dispenser are new to the body.  Our body responds just as it has been hardwired to over generations…it sees it as stress – a trigger to the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system..  Your body does not know the difference between sleeping next to a hungry lion and sleeping with WiFi on.   It sees them both as a trigger to our nervous system.  It is just the way we are wired.  So, it stands to reason, that minimizing, or eliminating as much EMF pollution as possible will improve our lives by minimizing the unseen pressure on our nervous systems.

There are a number of things we can do to help minimize our exposure.  This list is not inclusive:

  • Put your WiFi and router on a timer that turns it off while you sleep and back on when you awaken.  Better yet, unplug it.
  • Do not place your cell phone (which emits radiation shockingly close to the microwave range) to your ear.  Always use a headset (and preferably an air tube headset).   Do not keep your phone in your pocket for long (moving from car to house is ok, but all day in your pocket is not).  Use speaker phone if you don’t have a headset.
  • Do not stand in front of your microwave when it is on.  Better yet, if you use a microwave, start it and then leave the room.
  • Check your home wiring for stray magnetic fields.  Those can occur when the hot and neutral don’t run close together (and can be common in a three way switch).  Have those fixed by a certified electrician.
  • Move ANY electronics (alarm clocks, electronic devices or chargers, etc.) as far away from your bed (and especially the head) as possible.
  • Do not get a smart meter installed on your utility service.
  • Cordless phones (like ones that use DECT) technology should be used minimally unless a headset is used.
  • Wireless speakers should be unplugged or turned off when not in use.
  • Avoid as much as you can using a bluetooth device.  Especially avoid bluetoooth earpieces for phones.
  • Consider having your house evaluated and treated for EMF pollution.  Things like the Hartmann and Curry lines can wreak havoc on the nervous system.  These lines occur where ever electricity is being used.  Having your home treated can make a HUGE difference in the feel of your living space.  It also reduces a great deal of EMF pollution in your living space.  Not many people know how to test and treat this.  I can either do this myself or guide you in how to find someone who can.
  • Consider grounding your body whenever you can.  This can be a simple as walking barefoot in the grass, or as complex as connecting your body to a conductive fabric that is connected to the earth.  Go to www.earthing.com for more information.
  • Consider installing EMF prevention or correction devices in your home, office, and car(s).  These are available on-line from a multitude of places.  Some work.  Some are shams.  Do your research before you buy.  Ask me questions.  I carry a limited number of these devices in my office. (I have installed multiple devices in my office and have noticed a a dramatic change in the feel of the space).


Benefits of removing EMF pollution can include:

  • Potentially lowering blood pressure – sympathetic activation triggers the heart to beat stronger and faster.  This leads to high blood pressure.
  • Reducing the effects of inflammation – stress triggers the immune system (initially in a stress response, it helps us to heal).  After being activated for a long duration, this triggering can lead to inflammation – the primary cause of arterial plaques.
  • Better sleep – reducing the sympathetic load (called the allostatic load) on the body can dramatically improve sleep.
  • Decreased fluid retention – when stressed, in order to keep our blood volume up, our body secretes ADH (anti diuretic hormone), that helps us to retain water.  Reduce the stress and ADH goes down…fluid output goes up naturally.
  • Better person to person interaction – when you are relaxed, you are simply easier to get along with…
  • And the list goes on….

I did not set out to write a treatise on EMF pollution, so I am going to cut it off here.  If you want more information, check on-line or call the office and set up a consult time.  I’ll be happy to share what I have learned.

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