Do you suffer from cold hands and feet?  It does not matter whether you are male or female, this is a significant issue.  Medically speaking, this usually points to a condition known as hypothroidism.  That means that your thyroid is not doing everything it needs to with efficiency. Although hypothyroidism can have an origin other than what I am about to describe, falls play a huge role in this condition.

When you have a fall on your rear end, physics come into play.  Force is introduced into the body and that force has to go somewhere.  The body has to follow the laws of physics.  The law of conservation of energy says that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only transformed.  This means that your “fall” put energy into the body and that energy has to be transformed. Those are the laws of physics.  If the force comes in very rapidly, then the body may not be able to handle the injury and a fracture my be the result. This is becasue the time of impact is very small and the body cannot adapt and change fast enough.  It does its best, but the energy of the fall results in a fracture.  This is the “transformation”.

If the SAME energy comes in just a tiny bit more slowly, then what?  There is not a fracture (what medically would be called a pathologic fracture – something that would show up on x-ray), but what can happen is a physiologic fracture (think of this as energy storage).  The tissue behaves as if it were fractured, but nothing shows up on x-ray.  This is where many people seek medical attention and nothing is “wrong”.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  The energy of the fall has been effectively stored in the body.  The sacrum and coccyx may actually deform in response.

raynauds-syndrome_medFrom a Chinese medicine perspective, the two meridians that flow down the center of the body (the governor and conception vessels) do not flow freely.  This is what I believe leads to the thyroid disturbance.

Ligaments, when subject to impact, will constrict.  There are a pair of ligaments in women that connect the sacrum to the uterus (uterosacral ligaments).  If these ligaments tighten (secondary to a fall) then constipation, abnormal menstrual cycles (everything from amenorrhea – no periods, to menorrhagia – heavy flow) can be the result.  It can also make conceiving a problem, because the uterus does not move correctly.

In men, the prostate can be effected.

Sitting may be painful, you may not be able to sit still – fidgeting all of the time, you may lean when you sit, you may be agitated most of the time, if you are female you make have irregular or painful periods or difficulty conceiving, if you are male, you may have prostate issues…and these are just some of the possible symptoms I have seen from falls.  The sacrum and the coccyx (tain bone) can be effected.

Removing the forces stored in the body and releasing the tissues can set all of these things back to normal and not only improve thyroid conditions without medication, but also improve “fertility” and restore normal menstruation and relieve prostate issues.

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